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Mobile IT Products

Accessibility & System Standards

Can all potential users interact with your system on a small monitor? or on their mobile devices? Users may need accessing system information through an increasing variety of devices and your system needs to display cleanly on them all. Iris engineers use modern techniques to ensure that different style sheets can be used depending on the device accessing your software contents.


Mobile IT Product Solution

You can barely walk down the street to without hearing  about the latest mobile "app" that is all the rage. Similarly, entering a showroom or store, you will have
either direct access to consult a “e book” or be in contact with Sales Consultants holding one. All those apps and e books are pretty cool, and in the course of doing business are necessary. Iris IT works with the evolving mobile technologies and knows that for some communication method, an app or e book is the way to go. 


Creating and Transforming Content for Your Audience

Iris eBook production and App development services help     meet your organization and customers needs for mobile content and eBooks, when and where you and they want it. Iris specializes in digital content production, creation and development for multi-channel delivery to e reader devices, smart phones and tablets, including all brand devices.  Our technical IT expertise ensures that you benefit from the latest developments and specifications of new eBook formats and App technologies. Iris development teams will deliver high quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness you require..


Design Usability

Your entire e book or app, IT Product Solution design is more than just a pretty picture. To be effective, it needs not only to convey your brand spirit or other cosmetics features but also more importantly contain functions that enhance you daily business performance process. Iris designers are trained in IT Design usability. They know how to use specific design, layout, and to guide users in determining their best strategies. Ultimately, our designers understand how to make your e book and Apps reflect your company's image at-a-glance and personalize your IT products, ensuring that all of your undertaking efforts are in sync and achieve your business goals. 


e Book Production




App Development