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About Us

Meet the Iris team  




About Iris
Iris which stands for “Integrated Retail Information Solution” is based in Shanghai. The company primary focus is in Retail data operation, Business Intelligence IT solution, Cloud based Operating and Management Systems, Mobile Applications development & Corporate Consulting Services. 


About Iris Team & Resources

Iris core team is comprised of IT programmers, IT systems developers and engineers with extensive technology knowledge, international and local consultants, on-site trainers & tutors who all have a rich experience working within the local & International retail Auto industry, as well as professional associates.
Our teams, under a vertically managed approach and with a unique combination of proven practices and new Technologies, provide auto dealerships and OEM with workable solutions. We know what works in dealerships operational and management and select the right blend of time-tested techniques and fresh strategies to create effective IT Solutions customized to your specific business goals. At Iris, every team and team member look at every customer specific situation one at the time, hence providing customized and efficient IT solutions.  


About Iris IT Professional Solutions & Benefits

Iris develops and provides for the auto industry, innovative and advanced Business Intelligence (BI) IT Solutions. Our suite of products initiatives include our flagship Iris IT Solution and suites; Cloud based i-log Integrated Management & Operational system; Professional mobile applications and B2B retail data information services.
Our products are complemented with a strong consulting service presence in the auto market, knowledge and rich experience in on-site dealership training of marketing, sales & after-sales processes, operational & management procedures, retail performance improvement, KPI management etc…

All of these solutions and products goals will in short term and overtime respectively, increase auto dealerships & OEM revenues, cut costs and timely address management and operational deficiencies, further empowering your business and allowing you to maintain control of your business daily operations and helping expand your strategies, so you can make the most of your investment.



Iris Statement

”Our inspired IT programmers & consultants teams understanding of your business needs, work with you to create a
reliable IT solution that meets your needs. After your system is launched, Iris teams continuously provide support
that help contribute in driving your success, and building your business”.