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Services Overview


As a full-service IT Products & Services Development,and Consulting & Training Company focused within the auto industry, in developing Retail Information and data Service, Iris develop a variety of Business Intelligence (BI) IT solutions and suites to support and help dealerships & OEM define suitable operational sales & marketing and after-sales strategies etc… and as well as management strategies in order to overtime increase revenues, achieve higher growth and better profitability and timely address management deficiencies.

Our IT Solution optimization services, following procedures enacted by professional Consultants & Trainers with in-depth knowledge of each local market, enhance dealerships & OEM abilities to manage and monitor large amount of critical information and using sets of automatic module functions help develop new opportunities providing dealerships management with tools to respectively: 
▶  Efficiently supervise and distribute human resources
▶  Streamline and compile customers information & follow up
▶  Define new and effective sales &marketing strategies
▶  Accelerate sales growth
▶  Improve dealership and sales consultants sales achievements
▶  Allocate financials
▶  Manage inventories
▶  etc…and provide a competitive market advantage and long term stability. 
As market conditions rapidly change, dealerships must keep up with new operating and management strategies to outperform competitors and Iris, under its integrated form, that include pools of Consultants, IT specialists and Trainers, working under the same objectives is ideally positioned to providing dealerships & OEM with consulting services such as redefining processes and strategy review, refocusing training priorities and delivering all into a new brainstormed and improved customized IT Solution. 
Our goal is to help dealerships reach full potential in increasing Sales and Traffic. Please contact us at or call +86 21 6415 3693 to learn more and discuss about what our IT Solution optimization services can do for your business.