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Training & Programs

Training & Programs for Iris Customers with license




The learning Training Journey 

By providing a nurturing environment for your staff to learn and develop in their individual roles and as a team, you can boost your organization’s overall productivity while creating a positive working atmosphere.


Staff Progression 

With training comes confidence. As your employees gain more knowledge and experience, you will be able to track their development and ensure they have the qualifications required to progress within the business. With the help of Certification programs, you will obtain a clear overview of employee learning requirements and create an individual training plan.


Refresher Training 


As time passes, it is easy to lose sight of learned foundations of any process or software functions and procedures. Your employees will benefit from refresher courses on the optimal use of the Iris Solution as it can help them improve their day-to-day routines.


Training Programs Availability

Iris IT provides a wide range of specialized Consulting & Training Services to the auto industry and on site dealerships. Iris customers holding a valid User Operating license ID can book Iris IT Solution related Training classes directly in Training sign-up & booking and / or using Training calendars or call 86 21 64153693