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IT Solution > Data Protection

Data Protection

World Class Hosting Environment

Iris offers managed IT system in scalable, secure and redundant hosting environment for our customers. 

Our world class servers and hosting environment features:

▶ high-capacity bandwidth advanced servers and database servers managed in Cloud storage.

▶  Firewall protected system to preserve customers data against unauthorized access.

▶  Backup services through daily incremental backups and weekly backups with retention of your critical information.

▶  24/7 Network Monitoring .

All of this means more safety, peace of mind and more protection of your data. 


Facial Recognition Technology

In today's retail market environment, Facial Recognition Technology is a reliable and efficient biometric identification tool, mainly in use to benefit customers and dealerships. The most important benefits for a retail operation of adding face recognition software to digital IT Solution is that it is possible to get the information of the number of impacts or occurring events per day or time of day thus gathering statistics which will help in fine tuning the retail operation Sales & Marketing strategies and improve customer service. Facial Recognition Technology, to the benefit of new and returning customers not only enhance safety but also greatly improve overall retail experience. Iris incorporates Facial Recognition Technology in all standard IT Solution and is 99.9% accurate, providing dealerships with the tools in understanding customer traffic, collecting data related to customers current situation, improving personnel productivity, management monitoring efficiency and enhancing customer retail experience and satisfaction.


Facial Recognition Must Have Functions

In choosing Facial Recognition Technology among related useful functions, Iris selected for the IT Solution, the most accurate and reliable named “Recognition” function that brings the biggest benefit to dealership organization. The installed “Recognition” function will allow system to upon customer arrival, instantly detects the facial geometry of people using artificial vision and registering total number of customers entering dealership, gender classification or other parameter. Data will then be dispatch into the Iris IT Solution, avoiding waiting time, improving customer experience registry and thereby helping you make the best decision based on those facts and stand out from the competition.As this type of Advanced Recognition Technology improve, Iris will develop “Monitoring” and “Supervising” functions directly related to customers and employees and in respective fields such as Sales process as well as workforce management. Please contact to find out more about Facial Recognition Technology.


Handling Data With Care

Iris-Integrated Retail Information Solution wishes to express its gratitude for your visit to this website, and your interest in the IT Solution, IT products and services offered by Iris . In the course of using our webpages, IT Solution, IT products and services, you will be requested to provide some information about yourself and your business. These details are voluntary. All data collected are stored, processed and if necessary passed on to a further Iris partner exclusively to facilitate your personal support and for the purpose of providing you with information about our products and services or submitting offers to you. Iris guarantees that it will treat your details in the strictest confidence in accordance with the prevailing data protection regulations.