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Iris IT Solution

Iris Retail Data Business Intelligence IT Solution Executive Summary

Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution is an affordable, integrated business management and operational application designed for all types of businesses and industries engaged in dealing with retail data processing. For the first time, business owners can leverage a single Business intelligence based application to create strategies, automate business processes and deliver an accurate, unified picture of critical, updated business information across all functional business areas. This 360-degree visibility into sales, marketing, finance, after-sales, inventory management and CRM among others 

enable you to make confident decisions, thus increasing the profitability of your business and achieve new levels of control. Click  here to view the Iris IT Solution Demo and video.  Please,  contact us  today to learn more about our convenient, affordable IT Solution.


IT Solution Business Intelligence “BI” & Expertise


Iris IT Business Intelligence (BI) Solution support better decision-making by providing historical, current and predictive views of all business operations. Under a digital form, Iris IT Solution will conceive sets of theories, processes, methodologies and strategies that will transform your critical raw data into meaningful and useful information in order to achieve your business goals. Under Iris intelligent expertise and starting with customers data information, Iris IT Solution can handle large amount of critical information and using sets of procedures and automatic module functions will help and develop new 

opportunities providing dealerships management with tools to respectively, efficiently supervise and distribute human resources, streamline and compile customers information & follow up, define new and effective Sales & Marketing strategies, accelerate sales growth and profitability, improve dealership and Sales Consultants sales achievement, allocate financials, manage inventories etc…and provide a competitive market advantage and long term stability.




i-log data collection & tracking IT system



i-log is the first ever designed IT integrated cloud-based retail data collection, tracking and exploitation system. From raw customer retail data source, i-log using Iris IT software Business Intelligence (BI) functions will enable users to analyze the nature and usefulness of each customer retail data and exploit it effectively with all IT software, IT platform, IT Mobile App or other IT services linked or available on Iris network. Using secured cloud system Iris guarantees safe placement or delivery of your data on each and every IT platform you are using.i-log internal automation processes, allow you to  

receive “data actualization” which can be readily exploited thus enhancing your entire organization work efficiency, help modify your market strategies and better understand your customers and local market competition and conditions. 



IT Architecture Flow 



Following specific processes enacted by International and local professional Consultants & IT Engineers with in-depth knowledge of each local market, and Brand specificities, the Iris IT Solution totally integrated architecture design will greatly enhance dealerships with the ability to manage and automate all business processes across your organization …and help your business gain market share. Additionally, the Iris IT Solution resides on a single server that integrates seamlessly with the standard Microsoft Windows platform.


IT Solution Accountability and safety

The Iris IT Solution is proprietary software and not open source. That means that first, Iris is accountable for its features & functions and you can count on receiving help, support and maintenance and second, you have the security of knowing who has access to the software that is running your IT Solution. It also means that we're here to stand behind the IT Solution and you.  Our team of developers is 100% accountable for every feature that rolls out and to listen to our clients on new features they would like to have.