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IT Solution Features

Iris IT Solution Management & Operating Functions

With its unparalleled flexibility, exceptional ease of use and market leading technology, Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution functions are truly the top Management and Operational IT software without compromise.
Designed based on Business Intelligence, all data and information seamlessly flow from one function into another consequently greatly improving business efficiency.
Iris IT Solution help you plan & execute better Sales and Marketing winning strategies.












Demographics of your existing business market.
Generating marketing models, sales strategies, business plans, sales map etc…
Anticipate and meet changing market demands.
  Concept & implementation of multi-medium Sales &
Marketing strategies and action plans.
Based on historical data analysis and past experience,
exploit markets and trends, define work objectives.






Ensuring un-interrupted data flow maximizing work tasks, view
daily, monthly work statistics.
Flexibility to quickly re-align strategies to market conditions
without compromising initial objectives.
  Ensure that initial measures taken are being implemented,   
and confirm legitimacy of results and underline re-alignment.
Supervise and monitor KPIs and point out internal flaw, for
every contact, every follow-up traceability.





Investigate and confirm the validity of data throughout
Verify results are in line with expectations and validate
all activities, provide reporting, fixed costs, variable
costs and statistical analysis.


Iris IT Solution core operating functions to Selected Business Department 

How Iris IT Solution core functions, Forecasting, Strategy, Operating, Monitoring and Auditing benefit Sales & Marketing Departments daily operations and Management. 


Sales Reception

   •   Carry out statistical forecasting of reception duration and flow distribution
   •   Handle reception content sources breakdown & customers segmentation
   •   Elaborate and adopt flexible operating methods in line with showroom traffic  conditions
   •   Monitoring sales consultants status, and accordingly allocate reception with  sales resources


Sales Consultant

   •   Forecast customers reception and follow-up contents, issue real-time early  warning
   •   Monitor appointment schedules, customer follow-up related to deferred  customer situation
   •   Daily, strategize inventory of resources, activities, human resources, tools and  other daily breakdown
   •   Monitoring and auditing of sales and business processes in accordance with  dealership policies


Sales Strategy

   •   Based on business policies and combination of earlier data, formulate each  Department‘s mission & tasks
   •   Personalized monthly target decomposition
   •   Formulate and allocate sales consultants bonus Plan & rewards and develop  bonus calculation
   •   Daily management (daily, weekly, monthly), corresponding to corrective  measures


Marketing Strategy  

   •   Based on sales and inventory costs, determine sales strategies, models  orientation 
   •   Monitoring of existing and dormant customers, formulate sample analysis
   •   Establish district hotspots database
   •   Forecast and prepare marketing activities operating schedule



   •   Monitoring of customer transactions data & survey investigation results and  actual performance
   •   Forecast and set qualitative and quantitative measures for time period and  different products
   •  Operating spread sheets, quotations, invoice etc...
   •  Tracking and analyzing dormant customer research survey, carry out activities  related to customer satisfaction


Intelligence Architecture Inside + Ease of Use = Increase of Market Share 

Unlike any other software available today on the market, Iris Business Intelligence based management and operational software automates all core business functions that your entire organization relies on, without your employees second-guessing its accuracy. Updated information seamlessly integrates across modules and reflect your current business situation.     


Iris IS 1.2 Pro series IT Solution Technical Characteristics

Iris IT Solution Technical Characteristics

Simplified corporate structure, market channel, and business management scenario.

Analyze & compile operational data, customer data information and follow up.
Streamline your processes across organization.
Data sharing capability across all functioning business areas.
Business Intelligence: Devise set of theories, processes, methodologies, architectures and technologies.
Enabled limited access safety measures to some module function.
Improved corporate resource and asset utilization.
Enhance and support users ability to customize action plans and strategies.
Greater customer satisfaction.
Provide business with a competitive market advantage and long term stability. 
360-degree visibility of work process transparency.
IT Solution assistance placing contents and auto-diagnosis functions.



Affordable features rich Iris IT Solution 

Iris IS 1.2 Pro series IT Solution Features  Iris Others
Facial Recognition       Y       N
Ability to Download Solution Content Y N
Modules Upgrade Y N
IT Solution Design Personalization Y N
Tasking Specialization Training Support Y N
Tech Support & Assistance Y Y
Access to On-Request Consulting Y N
Performance Tracking & Monitoring Y N
Content “CLOUD” Protection Y Y
Operational Strategy Review Y N
IT Solution Auto-Diagnosis Functions Y N
Assistance in Placing Contents & Modules Y N


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