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Business Benefits


Your Sales and Marketing Management & Operational Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution was designed with your customers, your information and your organization in mind.The strategic coordination of these assets flowing in every module is crucial for maximizing the realization of your operating and managing strategies, hence providing you with a much greater business success rate.


  Your Customers
Your customer relationships are essential to your success. Acquiring and nurturing more of them to build loyalty and grow your business.
  Your Information
Your customer information is your greatest corporate asset. Maximizing its value and ensuring that it is timely accessible and secure.
  Your Organization
In many aspects, your local business is unique. Your Iris IT Solution will support and positively impact the way you do business and increase your sales.

Achieving full data integration



Without Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution

Departments work independently without integration

Coordination of work tasks is not united


Leading to low competitiveness, higher expenses,

smaller market share, low profitability, loss of income.


Take Control !



Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution allows you to make

business decisions much more efficiently and drive your organization to achieve thegoals you want to reach


Reduce your operating expenses!

Improve your competitiveness!

Strengthen your organization!

In crease your profits!



Key Business Benefits

There has never been a better time to experience the benefits of owning a Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution. With the best-in-class Business Intelligence IT Solution at the right price for your growing business, it has the power to help you boost productivity, execute with reduced risk and costs, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges as never before.





Ø Reduce Costs

No need looking for “clone” Solutions not adapted to your local specific industry or market that cost you money and worse, make your business lose sales opportunities. 



Ø Increase Revenue

Fast and accurate critical information from every source will support your entire organization in identifying new business opportunities, make timely decision thus increasing profits.


Ø Anytime Get Business Insight

Anytime and instantly use monitoring dashboards to get live snapshots of performance indicators, allowing you to follow or modify the course of action.



Ø Improve Efficiency

Rely on a stable IT Solution analyzing data accurately and providing the correct information to the right people while eliminating erroneous data entries.


Ø Professional Industry Support. More value for money.

Why dealing with Software companies that only sale software. Iris staff is composed of International and Local Professional Consultants, Dealerships Trainers, Tutors and IT Engineers all with a deep insight of the Auto Industry.
Iris incorporated many years of professional experience and knowledge inside the IT Solution that will support your business and help you capture greater market share.


Ø Trusting Reliability

Iris Business intelligence Solution supports a better decision-making by providing historical, current and predictive views of all business operations.                                



Ø Watch your IT Investment Growth

Why put up with IT Solutions that only manage processes and bring few tangible results, slowing your growth, providing you with misleading information and restrict on the number of users.


Ø Anytime Get Business Insight

Anytime and instantly use monitoring dashboards to get live snapshots of performance indicators, allowing you to follow or modify the course of action.



Ø Microsoft compatible

Iris IT Solution is fully build on Microsoft Windows, enabling your entire organization seamless communication with shared applications .


Ø Run on One Platform

Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution integrates all components needed to run your business successfully. Your customers information and your instrumented business strategies are coordinated within your IT Solution and help you achieve your business goals.From reception, financial, sales, Marketing, CRM, Inventories, After-sales etc…  All modules are fully interconnected.


Ø Get your IT Solution Running Quickly

Our engineers are ready to install (free of charge) the IT Solution at your location, explain your main users utilization supporting best business practices and enable your organization to get running quickly.


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