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IT Solution > User Operating License

User Operating License

User Operating License Licensing made simply.
One Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution or One Iris BI Retail Data Collection I-Log System
= One User Operating License! 

For each Iris IS 1.2 Pro series IT Solution dealerships users receive 1 operating license,called User Operating License. In order to access Download & Upgrade Center , Customer Care Support , Training sign-up & Calendars or other services included in our exploitation packages , upon being asked by Iris staff or prompted in the website, please provide with your User Operating License ID and password (website) if necessary. Please see “activation” below.

Dealer Groups or independently operated dealership acquiring multiple Iris IS 1.2 Pro series IT Solution and regardless of the chosen IT Solution configuration, will also receive a Dealer License ID.Dealer License IDs are given to Group or Dealership owners ( mostly for identification purposes) and commonly share some information contained in the User Operating License IDs used in their respective Dealerships or Departments. Dealer License ID DO NOT need to be activated on Iris website.


Operating License Identification
Each User Operating License or Dealer License ID will come with an identification number, it is up to each licensee to keep this identification in a safe place and provide it to access Iris services. This above made simple Operating License policy is a necessary step to protect our customers rights and privileges. Further, while communicating with Iris staff, in order to facilitate our work process and provide efficiency to tracking license location, look up past related events and providing you with an insightful service.


User Operating License activation 
To activate your User Operating License and use our website services please go to  new users registration  and get started.


Iris IT Solution and i-log Solution in use under User Operating Licensing
User Desk Operating Sales & Marketing
Iris IT Solution Operating License Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution
User Desk Operating Reception & Sales
Iris i-log Operating License Iris BI Retail Data Collection i-log System