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IT Solution > Exploitation Packages

Exploitation Packages

Exploitation and Support & Maintenance Packages

Support & Maintenance Packages for Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution and Iris BI Retail Data Collection I-Log System

Each acquired Iris User Operating License includes the following service package:
▶  User Operating License and Annual fees.
▶  Complete Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution including installation and 2 days training
▶  * Unrestricted access to Iris website Download and Upgrade center,system maintenance, customer operational support ( limited to 2 years).
▶  * Initial operational training of Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution to main users.
▶  Unlimited Maintenance & Tech support ( email, telephone, web) administrative and users support, system monitoring, free updates and 24/7 assistance to online support portal, free access to IT specialists.
▶  Including 5 Management and 20 Operating desks

* customer operational support is provided understanding that issues to be resolved are directly due to Iris IT Solution system flaw. In any instances due to and not limited to: system alterations, negligence etc… free customer support will not be provided and customer will have to contract Iris for repairs.

* Initial operational training of IT Solution to main users is to be attended at the time of installation. Please refer to package training for on-site dealership intensive training related to IT Solution.  


Package Training: 5 days training package 

5 days training package includes in depth initialization and simulation training of Iris BI 1.2 Pro series IT Solution to main users at either each User Operating License location or * consolidated at one location.
Each Training session = 5 days and count for 1 User Operating License. Each simulation training session must be attended over a consecutive period of 5 days.
Training package is highly recommended. If training is not attended some services included in support and maintenance can be denied.



Please contact us Tel: +86 21 6415 3693 or visit our Download & Upgrade Center and Customer Care Center to find out more about our provided services & support.