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IT Solution > F.A.Q.



Iris is a fully integrated IT Development & Services provider offering a variety of effective and innovative IT products as well as Consulting & Training services. We deliver focused, engaging solutions that complement your operational and management strategies needs. For more information, please  contact us today.


Do you offer customized IT Solution ?

In accordance with customers requests, Iris offers award-winning IT system designs and functions personalization . Following theories, processes, methodologies, architectures and technologies our talented team of professionals can develop with you through brainstorming and final comprehensive, interface, design, functions and more that make your Solution uniqueness and enhance your business.


Can you work to improve my existing design?

Iris provides IT design services to help dealerships of all sizes achieve their design & IT system personalization goals. Additionally, to offer our clients even more options, Iris frequently cooperate with creative firms and engineers to integrate existing and new designs and specific contents related work flow into your new IT Solution design.


Once I bought my Iris It Solution, Do I own it ?

Yes, you do own it ! Unlike many software companies and user agreements that do not clarify your ownership, Iris IT Solution related operating conditions are clearly stated in the initial sales contract that you agreed upon. 


What does Iris do with my data ?

The personal data gathered from Iris website or from the development of IT Solution or IT products and services are processed and used only for handling contracts, providing IT support and dealing with your inquiries.


Do you have experience planning strategies for large companies ?

Iris was created by Professional Consultants & Trainers who both have a rich experience in providing diversified Consulting & Training services & on-site dealerships training to the most prestigious Brands in the auto industry. As such with the development of Iris IT solution and aligned with our on site IT specialists, all Trainers & Consultants acquired extensive IT services knowledge, and are consolidated into a full service IT and Consulting & Training organization. As a result of such concentrated knowledge, IT Strategic Solutions and Optimization were created to provide our customers with an in depth strategy review and remediation solution. At Iris we look at IT, Consulting & Training as a full service shop to our clients benefit. Regardless of the size of your enterprise the Iris entire team will manage all of your requests professionally.



Does Iris develop more contents for my IT Solution?

At Iris, developing new solutions and update contents is ongoing and Iris offers new operational and management functions for your IT Solution as technology improve and market evolve. For example, Iris website download & upgrade , provides to our licensed customers the most up to date modules and functions Services, allowing your organization to optimize and maintain control of your IT system. From our website, you can quickly upgrade and update new available modules of your Iris IT Solution with just a few clicks.


Does the Iris IT Solution require to be installed on specific platforms?

Iris IT Solution runs on Windows platform and does not require any specific or additional investment to be operated. Additionally, downloading upgrades from Iris website does not require installation of any particular system.



Can we lose functionality or features by downloading upgrades from Iris website?

No. Iris website functions are professionally designed and totally safe to use and download any specific data modules related to your Iris IT Solution, unlike other hosted content upgrade service on the market today, our system is an enterprise-level application and is entirely developed and controlled by Iris. Besides, Iris Management does not authorize any other reseller to develop and market parts of the Iris  IT Solution.


Should I be worried about safety of my contents hosted or while upgrading?

No. All of our contents are perfectly safe. The storage of your contents is kept in private high-capacity bandwidth advanced servers and database servers Data Protection. Additionally these servers are firewall protected with daily and weekly backup service with retention of your critical data with 24/7 monitoring. In order to avoid any loss of information while upgrading, you can either save information on your server and retrieve it afterward or your data can be transferred immediately to our own servers. Iris upgrading procedures also has specific security features built directly into the application to protect against data loss.



What expertise is needed to use Iris the Iris IT Solution or Upgrading ?

Whether using or upgrading Iris IT Solution, no specific background is needed. Iris IT Solution is designed for the non-technical business user to operate with minimal training. An administrator of the system can add new users, change permissions, update and more with no technical knowledge.


How can I get a Iris IT Solution License ?

Our customers are important to us, so is the level of services provided to them. Every customer purchasing a Iris IT Solution or module automatically receive an User Operating License  and/ or Dealer License ID.



What is user rights of my Iris IT Solution Operating License ?

As a Iris customer and after receiving your Operating User License ID you can start using our customer support, download & upgrade, training sign-up and more services. Each time you encounter problems or unresolved questions linked to Iris IT Solution you are welcome to contact us.


What are IT additional costs after installation ?

Because updating your Iris IT Solution using our Download & Upgrade service center is as simple as downloading any traditional software, dealerships no longer need to employ a full-time on-site IT specialists or a third-party vendors to update contents and modules. Savings from technical support, design or content changes, and text updates add up quickly.



Closed Source Security & Open Source ?

There's been a lot of talk lately extolling the benefits of open source technology. While we agree that it is a wonderful way for programmers to collaborate world-wide to create a new piece of technology, we do not believe that a business should rely on an open source application to run something as critical as their IT Solution. Why?
The benefit of open source is that anyone can view the code.
The downfall of open source? Anyone can view the code. This creates an opportunity for outsiders with no knowledge & understanding of your specific industry to provide patches to your IT system, or access your servers, and possibly wreak havoc. Not only that, but if many people wrote the software, no one is accountable for its features or support so there's no one to call if you need help. The Iris IT Solution is proprietary software,not open source. That means that you have the security of knowing who has access to the software that is running your IT System. It also means that we're here to stand behind the IT Solution and you.  Our team of developers is 100% accountable for every feature that rolls out and to listen to our clients on new features they would like to have.