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IT Solution > I-log Data System

I-log Data System

I-log Retail Data Collection & Tracking IT BI system
Iris I-log Retail Data Collection & Tracking IT BI system Executive Summary

i-log is an integrated cloud-based retail data collection, tracking IT system using Business Intelligence (BI) functions, using raw customer retail data source, enabling users to analyze the nature and usefulness of each customer retail data and exploit it effectively across all IT software and platform, IT Mobile App or other IT services linked or available on Iris network. Using secured cloud system Iris guarantees safe placement or delivery of your data on each and every IT platform you are operating. i-log internal automation processes, allow you to receive “data actualization” which can be readily exploited thus enhancing your entire organization work efficiency, help modify your market strategies and better understand your customers and local market competition and conditions.      

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I-log Retail Data BI Cloud Based System and IT Mobile App Integration


Iris i-log Retail Data IT System uses Cloud technologies allowing users to directly access Mobile App, seamlessly and securely retrieving real time sales data thus allowing user’s mobile IT platform to become one’s pocket office.

System Main Core
Functions and Expertise

●   Real time producing showroom flow rate data
●   Work reporting sales analysis
●   Sales lead generation state
●   Data collection efficiency
●   Four types of customer flow and channel analysis reports
●   At computer-end check-up and simultaneously support real-          time IT mobile data view
●   Achieve complete pocket office IT mobility

IT Mobile App Iris Retail Data
I-log BI System

User IT Mobile-end App Solution shows real time data monitoring between showroom, regional and headquarters overall organization, achieving complete network mobility hence allowing a better sales strategy decision.